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Building Construction

Building Construction

Karin Raith ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Anja Jonkhans, Sen.Art. Dipl.arch. MArch.
Franz Sam , Univ.-Lekt. Arch DI
Lukas Allner, Sen.Art.Mag.arch.

Social and cultural transformations demand and evoke the permanent conceptual advancement of architecture; technical progress and material innovations accompany this process and introduce new design possibilities. Given this technological dynamic, the discipline of Building Construction is also in a state of constant change. Thus, the task of the program is not only to convey the principles of construction from a holistic perspective but also to enhance the students’ capacity to find innovative and customized technical solutions through problem analysis and the consequent evolution of the design idea.

The key objective of the Department of Building Construction is to technically support the conceptual and formal renewal of architecture as propelled in the design studios through teaching and research. Building Construction is integrative – that means it is taught as an embedded aspect of architectural design. In this way students acquire technical expertise parallel to design competence.

In addition to the correct application of established technologies and detailing, the didactic goal is the development of constructions with a logical relationship to the architectural concept. Construction is seen as a chance to underline and refine the carrying ideas of a design.

Image © Arthur Staskevits