IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Digital Simulation

Clemens Preisinger, Dr. Dipl.Ing.

Experimenting on models provides a foundation for insights into real-life circumstances. With the steadily increasing efficiency of modern computers, the importance of digital simulations is growing in many fields of expertise. This is due to the low cost of computer simulations in comparison to physical experiments. This also gives the digital experiment a new value within the context of creative processes: similar to the thought experiment, it can be used to add the realm of possibility to reality. The difficulty now lies not in the execution of the experiment, but in the generation and parameterization of the digital model.
The Digital Simulation department of the IoA is dedicated to the determination and formulation of computer-based models in the field of architecture. The basis for this is an interdisciplinary approach which is meant to harness modelling techniques and methods from other scientific disciplines that can be applied to the architectural design process. In addition to digital simulations with a physical background, simulations stemming from the human sciences will also be dealt with. The main focus is not on the purely quantitative optimization of individual system properties, but rather on the search for new qualities within the field of digital design.