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Inaugural Lecture by Mario Carpo, March 30, 6pm

Inaugural Lecture by Mario Carpo, March 30, 6pm

The Second Digital Turn.  Discretism, Artificial Intelligence, and Design

Computers are machines, so we tend to think they work like all the other machines we know.  They don't. Computers are a new kind of machine, quite unlike any other machine we have ever seen.  Computers make things the way a good artisan workshop could, not the way any modern factory would.  And computers think following the learning logic of little child, not the scientific methods of any modern engineer.  And yet, in spite of their artisanal way of making, and of their childish way of thinking, computers are extraordinarily effective.  Which is why it is important for us to try and understand how computers make things and how they think; because their logic is so different from the logic of modern technologies, and of modern science.

Welcome Address by Andrea Börner
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Covid-19/Current Information

Covid-19/Current Information

Dear Students, faculty, visitors, and friends! 
From Wednesday, 11 March 2020 until Friday, 3 April 2020, no courses/exams with student attendance will take place at Die Angewandte due to the decree of the Austrian Ministry of Health and as a measure to contain the coronavirus. Teaching will instead take place in the form of distance learning. 
In practical terms, this means that the buildings at all university locations remain closed for teaching purposes and that no events will take place. 
Thank you for your understanding! We can only try to make the best out of this - for everyone - stressful situation, and be as careful as possible with ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Current info update at Die Angewandte

Covid-19/Current Information


IoA Final- and Diploma Reviews, January 16-22

IoA Final- and Diploma Reviews, January 16-22

Finals: January 16th, 1.30 pm
January 17th, 2 pm
Guests: Barbara Campbell-Lange, Baerbel Mueller, Lina Streeruwitz 

Finals:: January 20th, 9.30
Guests: Barbara Imhof, Peter Pichler, Thomas Vietzke

Finals: January 21st, 11 am
Guests: Kristy Balliet, Efrén García Grinda, Cristina Díaz Moreno,
Tobias Nolte,  José Sánchez

January 22nd, 11 am
Guests: Kristy Balliet
All Final- and Diploma Reviews @ IoA, THE SQUARE
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna


Lecture by Michael Feigelson, January 9, 2.30pm

Lecture by Michael Feigelson, January 9, 2.30pm


East Legon Past Forward - Book Launch & Panel Discussion

East Legon Past Forward - Book Launch & Panel Discussion

Saturday, December 14, 2019, 3:30PM
Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana

East Legon Past Forward is a project investigating the spatial, socio-cultural, and migratory characteristics of Abotsiman, one of the few remaining grown neighborhoods of East Legon, Accra, and the implications of urban transformation on it. East Legon Past Forward is a joint project between [applied] Foreign Affairs, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna and Orthner Orthner & Associates.

The publication presents narrative and artistic field research created in and around Abotsiman, Accra, in September 2018. The team consisted of four students of architecture from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, three students of architecture from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and one student of international development from Lund University. Texts by invited authors engage with intrinsic topics at hand such as urban sprawl, gentrification, land speculation, planning and lack-of-planning, demographic inequalities and economic pressures, and the lack of agency of communities such as Abotsiman. The scenario is at once specific and at the same time representational of the processes and interrelationships occurring in Accra and other urban agglomerations on the African continent.

The panelists will discuss the potentials and futures of urban situations such as Abotisman in East Legon, and how existing spatial, socio-cultural and economic heterogeneities could be used and altered to create diverse and sustainable cities for all inhabitants.


3:30PM Welcome address: Rosemary Orthner, Honorary Consul of Austria in Ghana, partner at Orthner Orthner & Associates & representative of the Abotsiman community

3:45PM Short presentations by panelists Baerbel MuellerDominique Petit-Frère, David Kojo Derban, Nii-Ashie AdjayeNamata Serumaga-Musisi, Desmond Appiah

4:15PM – 5:15PM Panel discussion moderated by Juergen Strohmayer, [a]FA


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