IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Energy Design

Energy Design

Brian Cody (Prof. BSc. CEng MCIBSE)
Ass. Bernhard Sommer (Ass Arch Dipl.Ing.)

Designing buildings that engage the environment head-on through dynamic action rather than passive reception is the core subject of research and teaching at Energy Design.
A significant focus of the department is investigation into the relationship between form and energy efficiency. The early employment of techniques during the architectural design process, such as computer simulation or parametric design strategies, make development of a radical new approach to sustaining human habi- tats possible.
Coordinating and integrating different disciplines has always been an essential and fundamental architectural enterprise. At Energy Design, architects will develop strategies to balance on- site resources with evolving demands.

For politicians and developers as well as for business and private clients, ecologically innovative architectural environments must become objects of desire. If sophisticated new systems of inhabitation are to be realised, the only promising strategy is to make them seductive and sought-after. Once more, the skills and passions of the best architects and designers must engage this challenge.

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